We Are Recruiting

Fawley Rugby Club are looking for Players age 14 upwards who want to play touch rugby.

What’s Touch Rugby?

Touch Rugby is Awesome Fun!
Possibly the most fun a player could have with a rugby ball.
The emphasis is on fun!

Touch Rugby is Non Contact

Yep – No tackles, No Scrums, No Bent Noses and No Cauliflower Ears 🙂

Touch Rugby is for All

It’s a game of skill, teamwork and agility, so whether you’re big, small, girl or boy, everyone plays.

No Experience Required

Touch Rugby is a simple game to learn and can be picked up very quickly.

Rugby ball

Rugby ball

No Leagues – No Stress

All games are friendlies. Our focus is on inclusion of all. We promote friendship, communication, team-play and fun!

Tuesday Evenings
19:00-20:30 9 June to 14 July

at Gang Warily Recreation & Community Centre

For More Info Contact
Ross MacFarlane 07753 805511