Rules 2022

  • 8 players in a team (If you are one short then one randomly selected team member may bat twice)
  • 8 overs per side
  • Pink senior sized Windball will be provided
  • Players that have not played hard ball cricket before


  • Each pair bats for 2 overs
  • Lose 5 runs and swap ends when out
  • 1 run for hitting the side walls or wall behind the keeper
  • 2 runs every time the batters run, 3 if run and ball hits walls
  • Back wall scores 6 along the ground and 4 in the air
  • No LBW unless batter deliberately kicks the ball away, in which case a warning is given first and if this happens again, batter is given out.


  • 5 bowlers should bowl
  • Maximum of 2 overs per bowler
  • Wides / No Ball - 3 runs to the batting side. Not re-bowled unless it is the last over
  • Last over – 6 good balls need to be bowled

Points for league

  • 4 points for a win; 1 point for a tie
  • In the event of 2 or more teams being level at the end of the season, the following will decide placings:
  1. The team which takes the most wickets
  2. The team that scores the most runs
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