Sue at QEII Hall - Monday Evenings

I’m really delighted you’ve found me and I can’t wait to meet you as you begin your weight loss journey.

Like all Consultants, I joined Slimming World as a member so I really do understand the challenges - and the joys - that losing weight brings. And I know that, with the help and support of me and the friendly members in our group, together we really can do it!

I hope to see you on Mondays!

Contact Sue on 07469776364


Tracy at Fawley Jubilee Hall - Tuesday Evenings

I joined slimming world two years ago and have lost over 3 stones now. It has changed my life.

I can assure you if you come along to a group you can do it too.

The group is where you will get support and motivation to do it.

Contact Tracy on 07944736119