Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions- Fawley Parish Council (Gang Warily, QE2 and Jubilee Hall)


• The ‘Council’ refers to Fawley Parish Council and any Officers or members of staff authorised by the council to perform any particular duty.
• ‘Gang Warily’ refers to Gang Warily Recreation and Community Centre and its buildings, grounds and carparks, ‘QE2’ refers to Queen Elizabeth II Recreation Ground and its building.
• ‘Hirer’ refers to the person making the application on behalf of any organisation and therefore the person signing the application.
• The ‘customer’ refers to the paying member of the booking party
• ‘Major Event’ refers to all bookings above £150 in participation hire charges, a booking that occupies more than half a working day or with an attendance greater than 120 persons.
• All over events, or bookings, are considered minor.

Fitness Classes

• Gold, Platinum and Centre members can book a place on fitness classes up to 8 days in advance.
• Silver and Non-Members can book a place on fitness classes up to 7 days in advance.
• All bookings are made subject to availability.
• Classes are for approximately 1 hour. However, the duration may be reduced to accommodate other bookers. Notice will be given where practical.

Main Hall Bookings (Badminton, Table Tennis, Short Mat Bowls)

• Gold, Platinum and Centre members can book a court up to 8 days in advance.
• Silver and Non-Members can book a court up to 7 days in advance.
• All hall bookings are for 50 minutes in duration. If the same booking is repeated in the next available slot, then an extra 10 minutes can be allowed. Gang Warily Staff will communicate this upon arrival.


• All squash courts can be booked 7 days in advance.
• Squash bookings are for 40 minutes, unless communicated otherwise at the discretion of Jubilee Hall staff.
• Bookers, and their playing partners, must wear clean shoes into the squash courts.

Cancellation of booking by customer (refund policy)

• Customers wishing to cancel their bookings may do so up to 24hours prior to its commencement. This can be accepted by reception during opening times or by calling 02380 893603 (Gang Warily and QE2) or 02380 891640 (Jubilee Hall).
• If the 24hour rule is NOT adhered to, staff reserve the right to withhold any and all refunds.
• If a customer fails to turn up to a booked and unpaid activity then they still may be charged for said booking and staff reserve the right to prohibit the customer from making future bookings.

Cancellation by the Council or Gang Warily (refund policy)

• The Council and Gang Warily reserve the right to refuse or cancel any booking without due reason, to refuse admission to any of its premises (Gang Warily, Jubilee Hall and QE2), to reject an application for membership and to cancel membership for any reason.
• Gang Warily and Jubilee Hall staff reserve the right to cancel, change or withdraw facilities without notice due to health and safety reasons or for maintenance.
• Jubilee Hall and Gang Warily opening times maybe adjusted, or the Centre may be closed to the public for reasons of health and safety, maintenance or for a special event.
• If Gang Warily management feel a refund is warranted then a return of funds will be offered by means of the original payment only. If this cannot be done then special arrangement can be made between the customer/hirer and Gang Warily Management. If the payment was online or via PDQ then a refund can be made in the first instance, however funds may take 5 to 7 working days to be refunded to the account.
• Except under the discretion of Gang Warily Staff, there will be no refund of membership if a facility or activity is made un-expectedly unavailable.

Rules and Regulations of general use for hirers/customers

• Staff will have access to any and all store rooms/cupboards that may be in or around the booking venue or facility. Additionally, staff will be permitted to move equipment through said venues or facilities. Staff will attempt to be as courteous as possible in such circumstances.
• Permission must be obtained from the shift manager prior to any and all filming takes place.
• Customers are not guaranteed a particular court or bookable area.
• Customers will leave booked areas tidy, clean and free from damage.
• Neighbouring bookings may have music or noises essential to that respective booking. Customers must agree in advance that such noises, where ever acceptable, are a non-negotiable or refundable occurrence.
• Parking is permitted in the designated parking areas only, and by using the carpark customers agree to adhere to the one way system.
• Parking in the disabled parking bays is strictly prohibited between the hours of 9am to 5pm, except to blue badge holders.
• Fawley Parish Council reserves the right to suspend indefinitely any membership, or bar any persons from making bookings, if the terms and conditions have been breached, or for any reason whatsoever.
• Fawley Parish Council accepts no responsibility for any loss, damage, injury, illness or death on premises under its jurisdiction, namely Gang Warily, Jubilee Hall or QE2, unless caused by its own negligence.
• Any electrical equipment stored in a facility owned by the user must be subject to regular PAT testing. PAT testing remains the responsibility of the hirer/ customer unless stated otherwise
• If items belonging to the customer or hirer are stored at a facility under the jurisdiction of the Council then those items remain the sole responsibility of the customer or hirer. This includes servicing, unless stated otherwise.
• Hirers maybe asked to produce Public Liability insurance, risk assessments and any other relevant documentation in advance to the commencement of the booking.

Emergency Procedures

• If the fire alarm sounds at any bookable premise, customers must leave the premises immediately via the nearest emergency exit, assemble at the assembly point (in the car park), and comply with directions from Council staff.
• You must report any accident, or injury to reception staff at the relevant facility. If applicable, an incident form should also be completed.

Data Protection

• Fawley Parish Council is the data controller under the Data Protection Act 1998. We hold information for the purposes of member/customer identification and contact and in a manner that is both fair and lawful.
• We may get information about you from others, or we may be legally obliged to release information to others. This will be strictly done in a custom that is ethical and lawful.

Contact and Complaints

• If you feel you have not received a level of service that is due, please bring this to the attention of the Operations Manager on shift in the first instance.
• If you require clarification of the terms and conditions, list set out in this agreement, please contact Gang Warily Staff on 02380 893603.

Password and Security

• If staff have reason to believe there has been a breach in security in regards to our online booking system, we will require customers to change their password. An E-mail will be sent as a prompt.
• Payment will be processed and secured by Sagepay and be subject to their own Data Protection security and procedures.
• If you choose to create an online booking account, you must keep all security details of your account confidential. Our booking system is operated by Sports Booker TM. Account information is secured by Sports Booker TM and be subject to their Data Protection security and Procedures.